Terms of use

Since the use of this website is subject to certain terms and conditions, as described below, by using the website, you are deemed to accept these general terms and conditions of use.

1 Purpose of the website

This website is a guide to finding information about the services and policies of the City of Kortrijk. In this way, the City Council wants to provide you with simple, fast and improved access to this information.

The information on this website and other municipal websites to which it refers you is of a general nature. Since the information is not tailored to personal or specific circumstances, it cannot be deemed as personal, professional or legal advice for the user.

If you require specific or personal advice, we recommend you consult the relevant offices within the City Council. City officials may be able to help you find the competent office or person within the City Council.

It should be emphasised that the information and documents made available on, or via, the website cannot be regarded as an authentic copy of the officially adopted texts. Only the official texts published in the Belgian Official Journal are considered authentic texts. In the event of discrepancies between the electronic version and the printed text, the official text published in the Official Journal shall always prevail.

2 Website content and availability

The City Council goes to great lengths to ensure that the information made available is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, errors may occur in the information provided. If the information provided on, or via, the website should contain errors or if certain information on, or via, the website proves unavailable, the City will make every effort to rectify this as soon as possible.

Moreover, even though the City makes every effort to avoid disruptions caused by technical errors as much as possible, it cannot guarantee that the website is completely free of disruption or cannot be affected by other technical problems.

The city council offices concerned provide you with information via the website. Should you find any inaccuracies in the information provided on, or via, the website or have any questions about it, please contact the relevant department or the municipal webmaster via e-mail to info@kortrijk.be.

This website contains links to other websites of authorities, agencies, organisations and companies over which the City has no technical or content control. Therefore, the City Council cannot provide any guarantee about the completeness or accuracy of the content or about the availability of these websites.

3 Liability

Every user who, once this notification has been issued, makes use of the information shall waive any claims of any kind in connection with the use of material or information made available through the website, regardless of whether such claims are directed against the City of Kortrijk or against any other person who has provided, or provides, material, information or applications on the website. Kortrijk’s City Council, or any party providing information via the system, cannot under any circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect damage incurred by the user or a third party.

Every user who, once this notification has been issued, uses the information shall agree to assume all risks associated with the use of the system and not to file a complaint against the City of Kortrijk or any other party providing material or information to the system, including the risk that a computer, software or data may be damaged by a virus transmitted or activated through the system or through access to the system.

Consulting or using this website in any of the various languages automatically implies full acceptance of the aforementioned disclaimer by the City of Kortrijk or any other party that has provided, or provides, material, information or applications on the website.

4 Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, the information found on or through the website [www.kortrijk.be] is free of rights. The information may be used free of charge, but subject to acknowledgement of source and for personal use only. Where prior permission is required for the use or reproduction of certain information, the restrictions on use are expressly stated. The use and reproduction of multimedia information (including, but not limited to, images, sound and software applications) is always subject to prior approval.

The City Council and/or others retain all intellectual property rights to the website [www.kortrijk.be]. Certain software applications and graphics that can be accessed on, or via, the website are provided by third parties and may be protected by copyright, which restricts the possibility of use and reproduction and is subject to the author’s prior consent.

5 Registered visitors

You can register as a visitor to the website. Registration allows you to subscribe to the newsletter, add your own information on behalf of an association or company, have forms filled in automatically and post comments on certain news items.

Each registered user must provide a valid and working e-mail address of which they are the owner. Users are responsible for everything that happens within the username they use.

The following rules apply when posting comments or information on the website:

 * No personal allegations or inappropriate language use.

 * Current legislation must be respected. It is forbidden to send information that is unlawful, incorrect, obscene or offensive, that violates public order and morals, that affects private life or incites racial hatred and xenophobia.

 * The City shall screen all comments or information published on the website and thus always reserves the right to modify or delete information or comments.

* The City reserves the right to remove registered users if they fail to observe the rules. The City is not responsible for information which registered users publish on the website.